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Many thanks to Dave Monks for featuring me in his BBC Introducing show on Saturday 2rd June – you can listen to the show here (loads of great music), with my interview about 30 mins in. Including an acoustic guitar version of MASS, as well as a play of APORIA, and also a preview of my next single ‘Before I Disappear’ – thanks!

Great review for APORIA from James Lewis at Planet Slop“with his latest single Aporia, it’s safe to say that the multi-instrumentalist and producer has hit his stride and fully formed his identity” – many thanks James!

Thanks to Chris Currie for playing APORIA on his IWFM show on Saturday 2nd June 🙂

‘APORIA’ played on Mersey Radio’s Sunday Show – 27th May – thanks Gary!

Video performance of new single, APORIA, on Urbanista Magazine – filmed at Bidston lighthouse!

‘MASS’; played gain on Wirral radio 19th December – thanks Chris Currie!

Great review and kind words from Jack’s Media on MASS and Fallen Love

New single ‘MASS’ played by Chris Currie on Wirral radio – thanks! About 1.55 in…

‘Golden Age’ got another spin with some kind words from Dave Monks on BBC Introducing 26th August: around 1.03 in…

Great review for ‘Fallen Love’ from Liverpool Noise August 18th 🙂

‘Fallen Love’ was played by Chris Currie on Wirral Radio on 7th August – listen here (it’s around 1.01 in)

Nice to be interviewed on RadioCity Talk 2nd June 🙂 

‘Golden Age’ was played on BBC Introducing Merseyside by Dave Monks – thanks!: listen here, about 1.08 in… and then again a few days later!

Also thanks for the play on Wirral Radio by Chris Currie – and again on 3rd July!

And thanks to Gary Reddin of Mersey Radio for playing my single ‘You Are the Night’ (see the video below) on his Sunday show.

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